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Eye Examination

Quality Care

Including 包括​:

  • Refraction 視力及屈光度數

  • Binocular vision 雙眼協調 (斜視、立體感 )

  • Color vision test 色覺檢查

  • Intraocular pressure 眼內壓

  • External and internal ocular health examination (Cataract, macular degeneration, retinal degeneration, glaucoma and etc)眼睛內外健康檢查 (白內障、 黃斑點病變視網膜病變、青光眼等 )

  • Fundus photography 視網膜 拍攝




If you’re looking for quality Eye Examination Center, CL Optical is the one you are looking for! 

Our licensed and experienced team is here to provide you and your family complete eye exam services.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with us today!

Contact Lenses Examination


Including 包括​:



  • Evaluation of your eye's surface (Curvature of your cornea, Tear film evaluation) 評估你的眼睛表面 (眼角膜弧度, 淚膜評估) 

  • Check your vision 視力檢查 

  • Contact lens fitting (contact lens power, a shape matching the curvature of your eye (base curve), and diameter) 隱形眼鏡試戴 (隱形眼鏡的度數,弧度及直徑與眼睛形狀相匹)

    • Single Vision contact lens fitting​ 單光隱形眼鏡驗配

    • Multifocal contact lens fitting 漸進隱形眼鏡驗配

  • Follow up visit 跟進檢查

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